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ACR Score ©

Our ACR Score © digital biomarker is currently in the project phase, and will be used to predict cardiac arrest in hospitals by analysing data from medical records and patient histories in real time.

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Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest or cardiorespiratory arrest is a sudden loss of consciousness with disappearance of the pulse, caused by the sudden inability of the heart to pump blood to the brain and the rest of the body.

Cardiac arrest in hospital is a serious and potentially fatal event. Although hospitals are places of advanced medical care, there are still risks associated with these events.

Predicting & preventing cardiac arrest

Predictive medicine applied to the prevention of cardiac arrest in hospitals offers a number of significant advantages in terms of patient safety and improved healthcare.

Improving clinical results

Predictive medicine makes it possible to identify patients at high risk of cardiac arrest on the basis of clinical data, medical history and other risk factors. This means that high-risk patients can be monitored more closely.

Improving the quality of care

By focusing on early detection, healthcare establishments can improve the overall quality of the care they provide, boosting their reputation and patient confidence.

Time Rescue

Anticipating the risk of cardiac arrest saves precious time in patient care, by implementing preventive measures before the situation becomes critical.

Reducing Complications

By intervening early in patients at risk, predictive medicine helps to reduce the risk of serious cardiac complications.

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