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ARDS Score ©

Our ARDS Score © digital biomarker is currently in the project phase, and will be used to predict the risk of serious complications associated with acute respiratory distress syndromes, by analysing data from the patient's medical records and history in real time.

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a serious lung condition characterised by sudden and severe respiratory failure.

It develops when the lungs become unable to supply the body with sufficient oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide.
ARDS can occur in response to a variety of acute lung injuries and can have potentially fatal consequences.

Early and aggressive management of ARDS is essential, as every minute counts in this potentially fatal condition.
Advances in intensive care and mechanical ventilation have improved survival rates, but it remains a serious condition that requires careful management in hospital.

Predictive medicine offers several significant advantages in the detection and management of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

Best Communication

Predictive medicine tools facilitate communication between members of the medical team by providing clear information about the risk of ARDS, which can improve the coordination of care.

Personalised Care

By analysing clinical data, medical history and other individual risk factors, predictive medicine makes it possible to personalise ARDS treatment and management plans for each patient, thereby improving the effectiveness of care.

Reducing Complications

By identifying patients at risk and intervening early, predictive medicine can help reduce the risk of serious complications associated with ARDS, such as septic shock and organ failure.

Optimising resources

By targeting care at patients who are most likely to develop ARDS, predictive medicine enables better management of hospital resources while optimising the use of intensive care units.

Would you like to take part in the ARDS Score © project ?

Integrated into the hospital's business software, ARDS Score © will alert healthcare professionals before the first symptoms appear, speeding up medical treatment and increasing patients' chances of survival.

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